With a rich machine park and a professional team, we offer the following services:

  • Technical preparation; creation of visualizations and workshop plans

  • Sheet metal cutting up to 5mm on hydraulic shears up to 3000mm wide

  • Sheet metal cutting up to 20mm on a CNC plasma measuring 1500x3000mm

  • Cutting pipes and profiles up to a maximum diameter of 250mm

  • Sheet metal bending on a 75t press with prism width 3000mm

  • Sheet metal rolling up to 3 mm thick, 3000 mm wide

  • Rolling of pipes up to a diameter of 40mm

  • Turning services

  • Certified TIG and MIG welding services

Children’s playgrounds

  • Production of certified children’s playgrounds from steel, aluminum, wood and HDPE
  • Development of conceptual projects

Urban equipment

  • Production of standard and personalized products

Bus stops

  • Production of stands from steel, stainless steel and aluminum

Sports program

Outdoor fitness

Metal constructions (halls, canopies)

Platforms, balconies and ramps

Metal stairs

Railings and handrails